Antxx (André Tremblay) personal work


Year: 2013

Muse shuttle

This is a space shuttle model inspired by Star Trek. It can hold 2-4 peoples to make short distance exploration. I want to do a 2D illustration out of it, maybe 2.   You can buy this model at Turbosquid

USS Mitchell NX-74210

This is a fictive Star Trek ship, USS Mitchell NX-74210. Inspired by DS9 USS Defiant style of star ship. Bigger then the Defiant, it can hold up to 125 crew members. It took around 4 months to do, in terms… Continue Reading…

Yu Song wallpapers

Yu Song, nude and dress. Took around 12 hours to do. Free wallpapers 1200×1600

Cavern Chamber in 3D

This is a cavern chamber with water. On the top there is a hole that provides a source of visible light (lighting example in the scene). On the side there is a hole where you can add a corridor that… Continue Reading…

Nebula Wallpaper with Photoshop

Nebula illustration made in photoshop. Took around 2-3 hours to do. Free wallpapers 1680×1050 1920×1200

The Lancer Starship

This is a starship called Lancer. A bit in the 80″ style. Done with 3dsmax in around 15 hours. Done by Andre Tremblay

June’s Sword

Exotic Bronze sword. The handle and upper part are two groups. Not a sharp sword, but you can still put more turbosmooth on the blade, if you wish. Include are the texture, the eps and .ai files. This is my… Continue Reading…