Tutorials and articles

Here are some pages about tutorials and articles that helped me over the years. I don’t verify those links often, so they could be down or redirect to unwanted sites.

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Facebook notes
A though about time
What if time wasn’t linear like we think it is? We perceive time like a straight line that goes from left to right, with the past-present-future. Maybe this perception has something to do with how we see the world in general…

Evolution of mankind
You see a lot of problems with the human kind right now. We are surtaxing the ocean’s resources. We take too much land, we are destroying forests and the climate in some many different ways. We pollute the air…

Le cerveau et l’amour (in french)
« Celle-ci est bonne a marier », phrase un peu magique pour qui la prononce. Pourquoi sommes-nous souvent attirés par des personnes qui ressemblent à quelqu’un que l’on admire ? (Souvent le père ou la mère). Qu’est-ce que le coup de foudre ? Pas facile d’y répondre, mais il y a quelques indices…

2D section

Make a Realistic Star Field (for Photoshop, small chat pop up):

I learned a lot with this tutorial in Photoshop(by Dianae):

Other abstract wallpaper designs:

Space designs in Photoshop. I tried a couple of them:


3D Section

Ocean tutorial: http://polygonblog.com/3d-water-the-ocean/

Here are some stuff, some working, some not:

If you need to draw a human in a position, this is a virtual dummy: