Tutorials and articles

Here are some pages about tutorials and articles that helped me over the years. I don’t verify those links often, so they could be down or redirect to unwanted sites.

Verification date: 9 June 2019 (firefox+adblock)

2D section

Make a Realistic Star Field (for Photoshop, small chat pop up):

I learned a lot with this tutorial in Photoshop(by Dianae):

Some nice manga tutorials here, especially for coloring:

42+Manga And Anime Art Photoshop Tutorials

Other abstract wallpaper designs:

Space designs in Photoshop. I tried a couple of them:


3D Section

This site is pretty big in content, but what I really like is the tutorials.

Ocean tutorial: http://polygonblog.com/3d-water-the-ocean/

Here are some stuff, some working, some not:

If you need to draw a human in a position, this is a virtual dummy:

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