Welcome to 3DDub. My name is André Tremblay and this site is where I put my artist works, some 2D, some 3D. You can find here some of my work with illustrations and wallpaper that I made. Free to download for your desktop with resolution going to 1080 pixels. Over that size you can buy wallpapers at 1600 and 2200 resolution at my HD wallpapers section (Paypal only).

To buy prints from my digital products:

Fine art America
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Art Prints

To buy some of my 3D models and textures, a direct link:

Komaro 3D

Our 3D models can be printed to real life. Check out our store

Something I really care about, Burzynski cancer treatment
Here’s the link to the first film by Merola (Free)
You can watch Part 2 with Itunes here
And here an honest review of the second film