Welcome to 3DDub. My name is André Tremblay and this site is where I put my artist works, some 2D, some 3D. You can find here some of my work with illustrations and wallpaper that I made.

Free to download for your desktop with resolution going to 1080 pixels.
Over that size you can buy wallpapers at 1600 and 2200 resolution at my HD wallpapers 1600+ (Etsy).

Night Land of the Dawn
Painting taken from landscape of a video game. Heavily modified of course...Made in Corel Painter 2018 with thick paint. This is the free download at 1080 pixels

Prints can be bought her
Morning cat
Painting in impasto of a morning cat with Painter 2018. Made in around 10 hours, original photo from Pexel.

Free wallpaper 1920x1032 pixels

HD prints of 4254x2286 pixels are available here. You can
DC Supergirl
This is a painting of Supergirl. Original drawing was made by Philip Tan. I decided to do a painting with it, to try up my skills at something different. This was done in Corel Painter 2018. It took around
Female Duck
Digital painting done in Impasto and pointillism. Made in Corel Painter and Photoshop.
Took around 10 hours to do.
Original photo taken at Pexel.

This is the wallpaper of 1620x1080

HD prints of 5999x2999
Girl playing outside
Girl playing outside. Made in pointillism style. Number 3 of a 5 series. Took around 6 hours in photoshop. Made a new brush for this one so that it is rounder and allow me to go smaller. Original
Bay view
Bay view. The 4th of 5 in this series. Took 6-7 hours to do in pointillism style. Photo provided by Pexel.
Redone properly and updated

This is the wallpaper of 1980x1320

HD prints of around 5300x3200
U.S.S. Collider
This is the USS Collider a ship originally design in 2D by Chris at the scifi-meshes.com forum here

I did the model in 3D with 3Dsmax in around 20 hours or so. I made it Star Trek realistic as much
USS Conviction version 2.0
This is a revised version for the USS Conviction. I redid the neck that had some problems with modelling. I completely redone the engines and slightly enlarged the ship. Corrected some textures
Nimbus shuttle
This is a shuttle craft named Nimbus, that is assigned to the USS Conviction.
Made in 3dsmax 2016, time: 12 hours. That model doesn't have an interior
and no animations in it.

That model is for sale
USS Potemkin new Star Trek timeline
USS Potemkin new Star Trek timeline, Constitution Class.
Might be in the Kevin timeline or in another.
Mental Ray rendering. 136000 vertices with 74 objects and 34 lights.
Made in
Fairy in the wood
Illustration fairy in the woods. This is the wallpaper at 1920x1080
Made in Rebelle and Photoshop
Original photo by fuguestock at Deviantart

HD prints and objects are available here:


Digital paintings made in the pointillism style. This is one of a series of five.
Took around 5-6 hours to make in Photoshop.
Original photo from Pexel

This is the wallpaper of 1980x1080

HD prints of
Asian reader
Digital paintings made in the pointillism style. This is two of a series of five.
Took around 5-6 hours to make in Photoshop.
Original photo from Pexel

This is the wallpaper of 1980x1320

HD prints
Tea time painting
Digital painting Tea Time. Made in Corel Painter in style Impasto.
Photo provided by Pexel.com

This is the wallpaper modified to fit 1920x1080

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Something I really care about, Burzynski cancer treatment
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