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Lbee09 Small details. The sides actually are part of each other. Lot of work. Tags: Futuristic
Lbee01 New projet in the Star Wars universe...maybe Tags: Futuristic
EdenCaveHD The cave is a real location, I believe in Greece. I added and changed many things. The ghost is not real.Not sure i got it right. I still think the water could have been better. Tags: Landscapes & Scenery
EdenCave1920x1080 This a modified format to display in a wallpaper. The image comes from a photography, but I wasn't able to find the author. Tags: Landscapes & Scenery
USC Dale This is the USS Dale a ship originally design in 1990. This was a very old design that wasn’t specific to Star Trek at the time. I did the model in 3D with 3Dsmax in around 36 hours or so. Tags: Other
Dale51 Last element. Communication antenna that looks aggressive. Tags: Futuristic


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