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Category: Other Spaceships

USC Dale

This is the USS Dale a ship originally design in 1990. This was a very old design that wasn’t specific to Star Trek at the time. I did the model in 3D with 3Dsmax in around 36 hours or so.… Continue Reading…

Muse shuttle

This is a space shuttle model inspired by Star Trek. It can hold 2-4 peoples to make short distance exploration. I want to do a 2D illustration out of it, maybe 2.   You can buy this model at Turbosquid

The Lancer Starship

This is a starship called Lancer. A bit in the 80″ style. Done with 3dsmax in around 15 hours. Done by Andre Tremblay

Proctor Vigilante

Mazone fighter ship from Albator, Captain Harlock

Arcadia from Albator, Captain Harlock