Antxx (André Tremblay) personal work

Farm Plain

Painting made in Corel Painter with thick + impasto brushes and deformers. The subject is a landscape from an old painting. You can download the wallpaper here. The full image of 6000×4211 is printable here: RedbubbleDeviantArtFineArtAmericaSociety6ImageKind


Greek beach

Painting made in Corel Painter with thick + impasto brushes and deformers. The subject is a landscape from a game. You can download the wallpaper here. You have version of 3333×2000 on etsy. The full image of 5666×3000 is printable… Continue Reading…


Norway land

Norway landscape. This is the wallpaper size version of my painting 1620×1080. Original photo: www.pexels.com/photo/adventure… Made in Corel Painter 2018 in impasto thick paint. Took around 3 hours. Terre de la Norvège. Format fond d’écran 1920×1080 You can buy products… Continue Reading…


River ode

RiverOde. This is the wallpaper size version of my painting 1920×1080. This was made in Corel Painter, took around 7-8 hours. It was made from a landscape coming from a game. Ode à une rivière. Format fond d’écran 1920×1080 You… Continue Reading…


DC Supergirl

This is a painting of Supergirl. Original drawing was made by Philip Tan. I decided to do a painting with it, to try up my skills at something different. This was done in Corel Painter 2018. It took around 10-15… Continue Reading…


Night Land of the Dawn

Painting taken from landscape of a video game. Heavily modified of course…Made in Corel Painter 2018 with thick paint. This is the free download at 1080 pixels Prints can be bought here: Deviantart RedBubble FinaArtAmerica


Morning cat

Painting in impasto of a morning cat with Painter 2018. Made in around 10 hours, original photo from Pexel. Free wallpaper 1920×1032 pixels HD prints of 4254×2286 pixels are available here. You can pick the place you prefer doing business… Continue Reading…


U.S.S. Collider

This is the USS Collider a ship originally design in 2D by Chris at the scifi-meshes.com forum here I did the model in 3D with 3Dsmax in around 20 hours or so. I made it Star Trek realistic as much… Continue Reading…


Female Duck

Digital painting done in Impasto and pointillism. Made in Corel Painter and Photoshop. Took around 10 hours to do. Original photo taken at Pexel. This is the wallpaper of 1620×1080 HD prints of 5999×2999 pixels are available here. You can… Continue Reading…


Tea time painting

Digital painting Tea Time. Made in Corel Painter in style Impasto. Photo provided by Pexel.com This is the wallpaper modified to fit 1920×1080 You can buy print, t-shirt or accessories of this painting at those places: Redbubble Fine art America… Continue Reading…


QulHov Firestar Klingon starbase

QulHov Firestar Klingon starbase was made in 3dsmax. Took around 40 hours to make. Fictive starbase in one of the Star Trek universe. Never seen a Klingon starbase, so it was inspired from the architecture and logos showed in the… Continue Reading…


White Young Sun digital painting

Landscape in pointillism. Overall picture is  a collage of two photos.The title is an homage to Chris Cornell. Background came from a photo of Josh Sorenson from Pexel. Took around 3 hours to make. Last of the series of 5… Continue Reading…