This is a painting of a lake in the rockies in Alberta/CB.Digital painting made in Corel Painter. No auto paint, by hand in 3 hours. Options for prints will be available in the widgets menu. Wallpaper version 1920×1080 in png format


This is the second version of Amit Freidman. The first one was a pure illustration: This one is a painting over two reworked photos, then auto paint with 3 brushes, then repainted by hand. Made in Corel Painter and took around 4 hours to do.…


This is the USS Centaur starship. Originally made in 2005, I have redone it with 3DS max 2020, with Corona render. The original model was made in Cinema 4D. It is a four nacelles Star trek style ship. It was made in the same universe…


Something I made with Cinema 4D. 3D objects for the bathroom. The product can be found and bought here:


Painting made in Corel Painter with thick + impasto brushes and deformers. The subject is a landscape from an old painting. You can download the wallpaper here. The full image of 6000×4211 is printable here: RedbubbleDeviantArtFineArtAmericaImageKind