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Dakota Fanning painting

Made in Corel Painter. This is a collage of two photos. The backgound comes from Pexel –…

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Cycling Swiss Alps

Peinture sur la randonnée en vélo en Suisse. Inspiré par Ben Goyette youtube channel. Painting made in…

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Elle Fanning portrait

Portrait of Elle Fanning. Made in Corel Painter. Took around 24 hours Draw by hand from a…

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Nebula Etudes

J,ai essayé l’aquarelle a nouveau avec Rebelle ou Corel Painter. Juste impossible de prévoir le comportement de…

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Lime Lake

This is a painting of a lake in the rockies in Alberta/CB.Digital painting made in Corel Painter….

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This is a painting made in Corel Painter 2021. Took 16 hours to do. This was taken…

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Amit Freidman v2

This is the second version of Amit Freidman. The first one was a pure illustration: This…

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lonely animal

Painting of a lonely animal in the Rockies. Done in impasto with Corel Painter. This is a…

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Emma Stone full painting

Painting of Emma Stone in lingerie. The origin of the photo since to come from a promotional…

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USS Centaur

This is the USS Centaur starship. Originally made in 2005, I have redone it with 3DS max…

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Norway Lake

A lake from Norway. That was taken by an amateur on Reddit. Sadly, I lost the link…

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Bathroom objects

Something I made with Cinema 4D. 3D objects for the bathroom. The product can be found and…

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