Painting made in Corel Painter with thick + impasto brushes and deformers. The subject is a landscape from a game. You can download the wallpaper here. You have version of 3333×2000 on etsy. The full image of 5666×3000 is printable here: RedbubbleDeviantArtFineArtAmericaSociety6


Final work in Corel Painter. Took around 10 hours to do. Models of legal age from verified site. The background was change to be more interesting. Not everything is perfect. I did some custom brushes in the end to get more volume. This is the…


Norway landscape. This is the wallpaper size version of my painting 1620×1080. Original photo:… Made in Corel Painter 2018 in impasto thick paint. Took around 3 hours. Terre de la Norvège. Format fond d’écran 1920×1080 You can buy products and art print below. Vous…


This is a painting of Supergirl. Original drawing was made by Philip Tan. I decided to do a painting with it, to try up my skills at something different. This was done in Corel Painter 2018. It took around 10-15 hours to do. In impasto…


Painting in impasto of a morning cat with Painter 2018. Made in around 10 hours, original photo from Pexel. Free wallpaper 1920×1032 pixels HD prints of 4254×2286 pixels are available here. You can pick the place you prefer doing business with: RedbubbleFine art AmericaDeviant Art


Digital painting Tea Time. Made in Corel Painter in style Impasto. Photo provided by This is the wallpaper modified to fit 1920×1080 You can buy print, t-shirt or accessories of this painting at those places: Redbubble Fine art America Deviant Art