Category: Impasto

Morning cat

Painting in impasto of a morning cat with Painter 2018. Made in around 10 hours, original photo…

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Female Duck

Digital painting done in Impasto and pointillism. Made in Corel Painter and Photoshop. Took around 10 hours…

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Tea time painting

Digital painting Tea Time. Made in Corel Painter in style Impasto. Photo provided by This is…

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Fairy in the wood

Illustration fairy in the woods. This is the wallpaper at 1920×1080 Made in Rebelle and Photoshop Original…

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Boromir (Sean Bean) death scene

Scene where Boromir is dying with actor Sean Bean. Done with Corel Painter, ajusted in Photoshop. Wallpaper…

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Green Run wallpaper

Made with Corel Painter. Illustration from André Tremblay – Antxx. Something like 5-6 hours to do. 1920×1200

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Drawing Amit Friedman

Gorgeous model with freckles. Drawing made from two edited photos. Done with Corel Painter, with Wet Impasto…

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