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Redhead woman

Redhead Model. Made from a partial black and white photo in 1995. Aquarelle. The paper was a…

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Polar Bear

Painting in pastel, made in 1991-1994 by André tremblay. Polar Bear resting. 1500×1200

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Sissy Spacek in dark

Wallpaper format of Sissy Spacek in dark. Made in 1991-1994, with acrylic and color pens. By André…

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Yellow Sky wallpaper

Made with Corel Painter, small part of a photo. Took 6-8 hours with wet oils, dry brush….

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3d wallpaper – Cube Black

Made in Cinema 4D. Just black cubes to have a nice calm background

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Older works

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WALL 1900X1200

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EXOPLANET 1680×1050

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