USS Conviction

USS Conviction made by Andre Tremblay. Hours: around 38 hours span into 2-3 months. Designed in 3DSmax. It is a Star Trek fictive ship that would have existed in the “Abramsverse” around the same time as Enterprise. It is a class Alka-Selsior NCC-1404. The design is a mix of the …


Muse shuttle

This is a space shuttle model inspired by Star Trek. It can hold 2-4 peoples to make short distance exploration. I want to do a 2D illustration out of it, maybe 2.   You can buy this model at Turbosquid


Cavern Chamber in 3D

This is a cavern chamber with water. On the top there is a hole that provides a source of visible light (lighting example in the scene). On the side there is a hole where you can add a corridor that would lead to the cavern (You can close it if …