Star Trek C.J.S. Raving Fictive Ship

This is a fictive Star Trek ship called CJS Raving (CJS is for Canada Japan Space). This…

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Nutrek JJverse U.S.S. Voyager

This is a fictive version of the U.S.S Voyager, set into the Nutrek (JJverse). A bit more…

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Excelsior Nutrek Wallpaper 5

Done with 3Dsmax+Unity+Photoshop+Paintshop

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USS Conviction wallpaper 3

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Excelsior from JJverse Star Trek

This is a project trying to make an Excelsior spaceship from the JJverse side of Star Trek….

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Ferengi Battleship Tork One

Finished project in 3dsmax. Fictive Star Trek Ferengi battleship, named Tork One. Timed around the 2384 years,…

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Twirl wallpaper

Twirling wallpaper. Exercise in Gimp made in 1 hour or so Free wallpapers 1600×1200

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Space scene in 3dsmax

I made a space scene with 2 variations of them. The model is a base for space…

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USS Conviction

USS Conviction made by Andre Tremblay. Hours: around 38 hours span into 2-3 months. Designed in 3DSmax….

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Nurnies for Spaceships

I have put to sale Nurnies and greebles for spaceships. The ones I have made since 2012…

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Muse shuttle

This is a space shuttle model inspired by Star Trek. It can hold 2-4 peoples to make…

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USS Mitchell NX-74210

This is a fictive Star Trek ship, USS Mitchell NX-74210. Inspired by DS9 USS Defiant style of…

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