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Greek beach

Painting made in Corel Painter with thick + impasto brushes and deformers. The subject is a landscape…

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Norway land

Norway landscape. This is the wallpaper size version of my painting 1620×1080. Original photo:… Made in…

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River ode

RiverOde. This is the wallpaper size version of my painting 1920×1080. This was made in Corel Painter,…

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DC Supergirl

This is a painting of Supergirl. Original drawing was made by Philip Tan. I decided to do…

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Night Land of the Dawn

Painting taken from landscape of a video game. Heavily modified of course…Made in Corel Painter 2018 with…

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Morning cat

Painting in impasto of a morning cat with Painter 2018. Made in around 10 hours, original photo…

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Female Duck

Digital painting done in Impasto and pointillism. Made in Corel Painter and Photoshop. Took around 10 hours…

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Tea time painting

Digital painting Tea Time. Made in Corel Painter in style Impasto. Photo provided by This is…

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White Young Sun digital painting

Landscape in pointillism. Overall picture is  a collage of two photos.The title is an homage to Chris…

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Bay view

Bay view. The 4th of 5 in this series. Took 6-7 hours to do in pointillism style….

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Girl playing outside

Girl playing outside. Made in pointillism style. Number 3 of a 5 series. Took around 6 hours…

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Asian reader

Digital paintings made in the pointillism style. This is two of a series of five. Took around…

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