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Green Run wallpaper

Made with Corel Painter. Illustration from André Tremblay – Antxx. Something like 5-6 hours to do. 1920×1200

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Woman arranging her hair. Wallpaper

Made with Corel Painter and Photoshop. Took around 10 hours. Taken from a partial nude photograph and…

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Isabelle Adjani wallpaper

Portrait coming from a very small picture of Isabelle Adjani. This is actually my first digital painting….

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Two nude women on the beach Wallpaper

This is an erotic picture of two women on the beach. Painted from a photo picture and…

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Yellow Sky wallpaper

Made with Corel Painter, small part of a photo. Took 6-8 hours with wet oils, dry brush….

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Drawing Amit Friedman

Gorgeous model with freckles. Drawing made from two edited photos. Done with Corel Painter, with Wet Impasto…

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